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Cast-Bridge, Professional in creating excellent products
  Jiangsu Cast-Bridge Components Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service. Our company now occupies more than 100 acres, has a modern production workshop of 20000㎡,R&D and testing center of 3000㎡.
  Our company’s main products include guardrails, integrated bridges, deck paving materials, bridge decorative components, etc. "Dedicated Innovation and Development" is the driving force behind our constant advancement. Since its establishment, our company has been constantly committed to the in-depth study of various materials. From stone, steel structure, stainless steel in the past, to the current aluminum alloy and a variety of composite materials, our company has been leading the development of Chinese landscape bridge. The aluminum alloy integrated bridge technology independently researched and developed by the company has been used on the longest all-aluminum alloy bridge in the world and enjoys a high reputation in the industry.
  Our company is committed to the idea that " technology cast the future" and adheres to the quality control principle that "creating a brand by word of mouth", constantly producing high-quality products. Our company’s projects have won numerous national and provincial awards for quality projects and have been widely recognized and praised. Our company is the drafting unit of JT/T985-2015 "Durable Concrete for Highway Bridges and Culverts" for the transportation industry. It is also a designated manufacturer of steel back wood crash barriers and CAT-guided crash pads designated by the Ministry of Communications.
  With the goal of “novelty, fashion, and environmental-friendly”, We provides products that contribute to the advancement of the industry, and minimizes the burden on the environment. We look forward to working with you to jointly contribute to the development of the region and the society and realize the coordinated development of man and nature.

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